Importance of Training

  • Learn the necessary skills to train children to become effective problem solvers

  • Experience practice in applying skills necessary to teach ICPS concepts to children in formal lessons/games

  • Learn how evidenced-based research informs implementation of ICPS with children

  • Facilitate ICPS Dialoguing (Practice how to talk to children in ways that help them apply the concepts learned in the formal lessons, when problems come up in real life with peers and adults.) This approach, called “ICPS Dialoguing” is difficult to learn from reading the manual only.

ICPS Training and Consultation

ICPS Implementation and Training of Trainers (TOT)

ICPS training participants will identify the skills derived in research that support the philosophy of ICPS.

Participants will:

  • Learn concepts and pedagogical strategies involved in implementing the ICPS program with fidelity
  • Understand the four major pre-problem-solving skills and the three major problems solving skills in order to implement the ICPS curriculum components and teach these skills to children.
  • Demonstrate use of ICPS Vocabulary Word Pairs and Feeling concepts in non-problem and problem-solving situations and practice teaching students how to generate alternative solutions, anticipate consequences, and effectively solve problems.

Participants attending the TOT portion of the training will be able to apply ICPS concepts and strategies to provide training and coaching to staff within their organizations following successful completion of in-person or virtual sessions and consultation sessions with a certified International ICPS Trainer.

ICPS International Trainer

ICPS International Trainers have met the ICPS International Trainer/Facilitator selection criteria and completed an International Trainer/Facilitator certification process. Trainers are actively involved with the ICPS International Trainer Network, have superior ICPS content knowledge, and demonstrate expertise in training, coaching and consultation.

ICPS Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and consultation provides schools and youth-serving agencies with personalized strategies for ICPS implementation. Coaching will assist TOT candidates with delivery of ICPS implementation training to educators within their school district/agency, support TOT candidates with application of ICPS concepts into classroom routines and academic instruction, training and practice with ICPS Dialoguing.

ICPS Program Workshop

ICPS recognizes the importance of administrators, student support personnel and parents to program success. A half to full day ICPS program overview can be provided for non-implementing staff members, administrators, counselors and psychologists. Training in a companion program Raising a Thinking Child can be offered to parent educators.

Raising a Thinking Child (RaTC) Training, Coaching, and Consultation for Parent Educators

During this training for parent educators, participants will learn how to deliver the RaTC parent program to parents and families within the organizations they represent. Raising a Thinking Child (RaTC) is a companion program to the evidence-based classroom program, I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) program, developed by Dr. Myrna Sure. In addition to addressing social emotional learning for children, Raising a Thinking Child touches on cognitive learning and builds vocabulary that prepares children for success in school. Raising a Thinking Child is designed to help parents learn to talk with children, ages 4-8, about problem solving using an approach which involves children in the process of thinking about what they do and why they do it. RaTC provides parents with young children with concrete, interactive activities to help their children learn to solve “people” problems. The activities give guidance to parents for having conversations with their children that promote ways for children to resolve everyday conflicts and get along with others.

RaTC Coaching and Consultation

A Certified International ICPS/RaTC Trainer provides phone and virtual consultation. Virtual training, coaching and consultation provides personalized strategies for parent workshop instruction, further application of RaTC concepts and instruction, skills practice for implementation of vocabulary, pre and problem solving skills, and problem solving (ICPS) dialoging with children.

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