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I Can Problem Solve® (ICPS) and Raising a Thinking Child® (RaTC) have significant relevance to key areas of early childhood development that have a profound effect on the well-being of our nation’s youth.

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Social Emotional Learning

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Academic Readiness

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Executive Function

ICPS has been the subject of numerous research and evaluation studies over the last 30 years. Studies conducted by the program developer and her colleagues, as well as independent investigators nationally and internationally, have documented the following outcomes associated with ICPS:
  • Improvements in all measured ICPS skills

  • Increased concern/awareness for others in distress

  • Increased ability to make friends, get along with others

  • Decreased physical, verbal and relational aggression

  • Decreased over-emotionality and inability to wait and cope with frustration

  • Decreased social withdrawal

  • Gains in academic achievement scores

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What People Are Saying

“It is an amazing program! The participants really do change as they grasp the material. It truly has transformed many families lives here in rural Shawano County, Wisconsin.”

– Family Living Educator

“I love the ICPS ladder for having a meaningful dialogue with students that really does promote critical thinking around solving a problem.”

– Former Principal Who Led the ICPS Implementation Process

“We just finished week 3 of the 8-week curriculum, and the parents really feel that their homes are more calmer, and more dialogue is happening. It is a class I run from 8:30 to 10 p.m. at night. Their kids are in bed and it gives parents time to kick up their feet and spend an hour or so learning some valuable tools to enhance their parenting skills.”

– RaTC Parent Educator

What do you do when children won’t listen, when they won’t do what we ask, when they hit, fight, or take toys from another child?

Raising a Thinking Child® is a parent program based on the I Can Problem Solve® curriculum developed by Dr. Myrna Shure.

Introduction to ICPS Programs

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ICPS is a diverse and inclusive program that has been successfully implemented with African-American/Black, American Indian, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, Hispanic/Latino and White/European-American children in preschool through grade six in the United States, and with children in Brazil, Chile, Greece, India, Israel and Korea.

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